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Year After Year Improving Duct Fabrication Productivity for YOU.

We have been in the HVAC sheet metal, duct fabrication industry for 70+ years and have specific plans for the future. In that time we have worked successfully with thousands of duct shops. We have more than accomplished our mission of reducing the cost of sheet metal duct fabrication. Imagine duct shop life without the Pittsburgh, the Welty Way / Fabriduct Coil Line, the rolled on TDC and TDF flanges, the Vulcan Cutting System, the Whisper-loc or the Cornermatic. Imagine duct shop life without our continuous improvements and other innovations.

We are proud of our innovative history and the legacy we have created. Have a look below at several milestones in the history of our company.

Great Moments Timeline

  1. Lockformer

    The Lockformer Company was founded.

  2. Pittsburgh Lock Rollformer

    The Pittsburgh lock rollformer first sold and the 2-pass bar-cleat machine was being designed.

  3. Pittsburgh Lock Machines

    The 24 ga. and the 20 ga. Pittsburgh lock machines were introduced. picture is of Serial Number 101; the very first 20 ga. Pittsburgh manufactured by Lockformer.

  4. EZ Edger

    The EZ Edger hand operated flanger is created.

  5. 8000 Series

    The 8000 Series double-plate Cleatformer was developed to form drive cleats in one pass.

  6. Standing S Cleatn & Rollformer

    The Standing S Cleat rollformer was first sold to the market.

    Lockformer unveils a new logo design.

  7. Charles Engel

    Charles Engel S/M worker produces first Shopmaster table and Engel as a Company is established with volume of sales.

  8. Welty Heating

    Welty Heating is a contractor in Coggon, IA.

  9. Lockformer Relocated

    Lockformer relocated to its new manufacturing facility on Cicero Avenue in Chicago. Hemming roll tooling was developed.

  10. 16 GA. Pittsburgh

    The 16 ga. Pittsburgh lock machine is first introduced.

  11. Pro-GUTR & Co-Pipe Machine

    Welty Heating moved to Cedar Rapids to new location under the name of Welty Way Products making patterned Pro-GutR (seamless gutter machine) & Co-pipe machines (making down spout and crimped down spout elbows).

  12. Coil Select & Rollformers

    Welty Way develops the Coil Select feature

    Engel Adds Rollformers and Small Tools i.e. Cleatbenders, Notchers. Also added the versatile power brake called Bend All.

  13. Button Punch Snaplock

    The first Button Punch Snaplock machine is sold and Acme lock roll tooling was newly designed.

  14. Duct Starter Line

    Shoil first duct starter line with air controlled flying shear and notcher.

  15. Roto-Notcher & Collar Maker

    The Roto-Notcher and Collar Maker machines were created.

  16. Speednotch

    The Speednotch multi-head notcher was first sold.

  17. Duct-O-Matic

    Duct-o-mation = full line with Lockformer Pittsburgh & Snaplock, Coil shear, notch bead, Pitts, cleat, rolR- L-Bruct.

  18. First Coil Lines

    First Coil Lines with Shopmasters being fed. Electric Shear with Beading, Straightening and Feed Table to Shopmaster.

  19. Fabriduct, Digital Dynapar & Cleatformer

    First full line = Fabri-duct. Anderson & Litwick + the Zach Company in Chicago

    Digital Dynapar added. Coil lines with flying notcher and mechanical brake.

    The Triplex Cleatformer created to produce 4 profiles in one machine with slitting attachment to cut ???S??? and drive cleats was added to the line-up of 8600 and 8900 Series Cleatformers.

  20. Lockformer, First Insulmatic, Feedie, & Hydraulic Length

    Lockformer opened its new manufacturing facility in Lisle, IL.

    First Insulmatic added to Anderson & Litwick and Zach Co. do 4.5 million pounds of duct for the new McCormick Place.

    Welty-Way introduces the Feedie (coil feed punch, notch, cut-off feeding rollformers).

    Hydraulic Length Control Compact 5-14 Coil Lines w/ Flying Wheel Mechanical Shear and Engel Built Digital Controls +/- 1/32 Accuracy.

  21. Cleatroller

    Dual Head Cleatroller introduced to Duct Lines.

  22. DS Connector

    The DS Connector machine featuring New England cleat roll tooling was introduced along with the 24S Bandsaw.

  23. Lin-O-Matic

    Lin-O-Matic with Gripnail Pinning System introduced along with purchased ECCI Controls Package (Digital).

  24. Compact Coil Line

    Full Hydraulic Compact Coil line shear, notch and feed.

  25. Duct-O-Matic

    Welty Way becomes Iowa Precision and the Fabri-duct is now called Duct-o-Matic.

  26. Micro Processor

    First 5 Batch Micro Processor Controls.

  27. Engel TDF, TDC & Vulcan

    Engel TDF T25-B introduced to Market.

    The Transverse Duct Connector (TDC) and the first Vulcan 1200 Plasma Cutting System were unveiled at the Atlantic City ASHRAE Show.

  28. Iowa Precision, TDC Notcher & The Roll-A-Duct

    Iowa Precision establishes the Coil Line Software Programming department.

    The TDC Notcher and the Roll-A-Duct spiral duct rollforming system was developed.

  29. Vulcan 2400 & IPI Introduces..

    The new Vulcan 2400 replaced the Vulcan 1200.

    IPI introduces automated elbow fabrication machinery.

  30. Lockformer's 50th Anniversary

    On Lockformer’s 50th Anniversary, the very first Pittsburgh Lock Machine ever produced (S/N 101) was found in Cleveland, OH still making ductwork after 50 years!!

  31. Vulcan 1800

    The Vulcan 1800 was added to the Vulcan line-up.

  32. Hydraulic Wrapper Brake & IPI Introduces...

    Hydraulic Wrapper Brake w/ side eject & Engel Built PC Controls E 1000 Controller.

    IPI introduces straight line Duct Line and the Whisper-Loc seam closer offered to market.

  33. Cornermatic & Vulcan PCM

    The Cornermatic automated corner insertion machine is developed by Systemation introduced by IPI. SMACNA approved. Tie Rod Hole punching added to automated lines. The first 14 gauge automated Duct Line delivered.

    The Vulcan PCM (now the 3100HD) was first sold to the precision HVAC metal fabrication market.

  34. Multi-Grid Coil & Engel Introduces...

    Newly designed Multi-Grid Coil Select introduced.

    Engel Seam Closer Introduced. Engel Fold N Shear introduced. End Eject Braking System in lieu of Side Eject.

  35. Vulcan 1000 & Engel Introduces...

    The Vulcan 1000 was first introduced for high speed HVAC fitting cutting.

    Engel Fold-N-Shear with In-Line Cleatroller introduced.

  36. Engel Introduces & Vulcan 1600

    Engel CDS Corner Insertion Equipment introduced at Dallas AHR. Gripnail Welder Multi Head introduced. Touch Screen Window Based Controls E-2000 with Ethernet Capability for interface with Down Stream Equipment.

    The Vulcan 1600 WaterJet was first introduced for high speed insulation cutting.

  37. Acquired by Mestek...

    Iowa Precision acquired by Mestek, Inc.

    Lockformer acquired by Mestek, Inc.

  38. Duct Lines & Engel

    Duct lines redesigned & renamed ProFabriduct – all lines offered with servo drives, directly driven, hydraulically actuated decoilers. Mark XV was newly designed and added to the automated lines.

    Engel is acquired by Mestek, Inc.

  39. TDC-V & Ductmaker Coil Line

    The TDC-V is introduced to the market.

    The Ductmaker Coil Line developed and offered.

  40. Engel Coil Lines & Wrap Brake

    The Engel Coil Lines are upgraded with Iowa Precision Features and Marketed under Mestek Machinery and the Compact II Front End now expandable.

    Servo driven Wrap Brake becomes standard on all ProFabriducts. Units subsequently offered as standard in all automated duct line.

  41. Insulation Cutting, TDC Duplex & Vulcan 1000E

    Swing-Knife / Swing-Blade insulation cutting system developed for cutting elastomeric foam duct liner.

    ValuePLUS line was created and offered to the market.

    Fully adjustable TDC Duplex and Stand Alone from 19mm to 38mm. The Vulcan 1000E developed and offered European Community; CE Certified, zoned exhaust, B&R.

  42. TDC V16 & Coil Lines

    The newly designed TDC V16 is offered to the market – The Pneuma-Wrap Brake is now offered for contractors to bend TDF and TDC. 2012 Chicago AHR Introduces the advanced diagnostic tool – “Guru on a Stick” and the TDC-F AM film application machine.

    All Coil Lines utilize the common B&R Control platform with industrial PLC’s. The newly designed Easy-Load was offered on all coil lines.

    Lockformer invents TDC-III roll former with continuously adjustable flange height.

    Iowa Precision introduces Ductmaker® coil line with automated DuctMaster® in-line seam sealing.

    Iowa Precision/Engel, respectively, show SwingBlade®/SwingKnife® closed cell insulation cutters.

  43. Coil Line

    Significant Coil Line diagnostics developed.

    Engel shows TDF V-16 roll former with clinching buttons on T-25b-conforming flanges.

    Engel introduces 1.5M pneumatic wrap brake with adjustable tooling segments.

  44. Milestone & Vulcan

    Milestone: Over 1,000 Iowa Precision Coil Line Systems SOLD – Many outside of North America

    Vulcan users top 3,500. The VulcanPlus with new control and “Flex-Ability” updates the Vulcan 1000D technology. Total Integration from BIM to Field using Trimble TDL CAD.

    Iowa Precision and Engel upgrade automated coil lines with solid-state, electronic controls.

    Iowa Precision debuts remote diagnostic features on control systems for automated duct lines.

    Vulcan offers control upgrades and retrofits for multiple generations of plasma-cutting systems.

  45. Chicago AHR & Introducing EZ Connector & EZ Hanger

    Chicago AHR Introduces the advanced diagnostic tool – “Guru on a Stick” and the TDCF FAM film application machine.

    The EZ Hanger and EZ Connector saves contractors more than 70% on their duct hanging and labor costs

    Vulcan debuts flex feature to allow on-the-floor change between end and side loading.

    IPI/Engel offer control upgrades and retrofits for multiple generations of automated duct lines.

  46. ISM, Engel, & IPI

    ISM by Lockformer introduces the Max-Flange flanging machine and Oval Max system with independent cylinders that stretch spiral round duct into oval.

    Cornermatic Plus introduced as first corner crimper exclusively for fittings.

    Engel introduces one-man operated ValuePlus®-2 straight-line automated coil line.

    ISM by Lockformer shows spiral tubeformer with smallest footprint and fastest forming speed

    IPI introduces CornermaticPlus® – first automated corner insertion/crimping for duct fittings.

  47. Angle-Max, IPI & Engel, Roto-Die

    ISM by Lockformer introduces Angle-Max used to produce angle stock for flat oval and round flanges along with TDC©, TDF© and other special flanges from stock coil.

    IPI and Engel introduce in-line Plasma cutting and welded duct options to coil lines.

    IPI introduces duct seam closing and corner insertion/crimping in efficient combination machine.

    IPI improves productive features in Cornermatic®-III dual head and adjustable corner machines.

    IPI & Engel re-introduce in-line x by y plasma cutting & welded duct options to automated coil lines.

    Mestek Machinery adds Roto-Die adjustable press brakes and cleat formers to its HVAC line

  48. IPI Introduces...

    IPI introduces redesigned Tie Rod Crimping machine with ¼˝ thread body standard on ½˝ and ¾˝ head bolts.

    IPI introduces Infinity® coil line to automate manufacture of ducts to 3 meters long.

  49. Laser-Max 1.5, TDE-V, Engel Introduces...

    ISM by Lockformer brings to the industry the LASER-MAX 1.5 Laser cutting table with enclosed torch head.

    Lockformer adds Model TDE-V, 12-stand value roll former for type C and F flange.

    IPI upgrades tube forming lines and pipe rolling systems with improved automation.

    Engel re-introduces highly productive, value-priced, 2M hydraulic wrap brake.

  50. Harper added, IPI, ISM debuts..

    Mestek Machinery adds Harper vane and rail machines to its HVAC line.

    Mestek Machinery EZ Hanger System® and EZ Connector® are listed on SMACNA TRI website.

    ISM by Lockformer debuts unique safety shroud to allow coil feeding of Laser-Max® cutting system.

    IPI shows automated coil line with continuous motion and closed loop X-Y plasma cutting.

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