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ISM Machinery, Inc. is a U.S. based spiral fitting machine manufacturer, specializing in the service and sales of spiral tubeformers and related equipment, such as fitting and clinching machines.

ISM Machinery is spiral fitting machine manufacturer, specializing in the service and sales of spiral tubeformers and related equipment, such as fitting and clinching machines. ISM Machinery draws on over 50 years combined experience in the manufacturing, service and sales of spiral machines and related machinery. ISM Machinery’s business is based on delivering spiral machines that are built with quality, performance, and dependability to ensure the best possible return on your investment. ISM Machinery has a generous inventory of spare parts and our experienced team of technicians is here to ensure that your spiral machines and related fitting equipment provide you with optimal performance and maximum run time. Additionally, ISM is proud to support the industry as an associate member of the Spiral Duct Manufacturers Association, SPIDA.

Spiral Tubeformer

ISM offers spiral duct tubeformers that are known for producing high quality spiral ducts, which meet the needs of many industries, including the HVAC industry. All of our spiral tubeformers (also called spiral duct machines) include a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) powered by the exclusive Spiral Smart Technology (SST) programming that provides operators with efficient set-up and self diagnostics at their finger tips! In addition to the SST, our automatic spiral tubeformers also come standard with accurate and precision cutting and compact design that allow for transporting. We also offer a hydraulic spiral tubeformer that features the same technology listed above, and is hydraulically powered for gasless, clean cuts of pipe.


Clinching Machines

At ISM Machinery, we offer clinching machines from TALOC USA which offer a better way to join metal pieces together with a state-of-the-art clinching process. These clinching machine presses use a button-lock that replaces rivets, screws and spot welding. Contact ISM Machinery today to experience the numerous benefits of TALOC clinching machines including a faster and more reliable process.

The Clinching Machine Process:

The TALOC clinching (joining) machine process takes place when a special punch and die form an interlocking joint between two materials. This fastening process eliminates the need for spot welding, riveting, screws or other processes. Clinching has endless applications including HVAC, automotive, appliances, roofing, and any application that requires joining two pieces of metal.

Faster and more reliable than Air Over Oil Clinching process.

Cut from 4” thick steel plate provide less deflection for longer tooling life. Custom Frame and Horns are available.

Machines feature Single or Continuous modes that operate over 300 SPM – Fastest in the Industry!

Mechanical clutch offers choice of actuator – Electric or Pnuematic.

Allows for easy adjustments to keep tooling perfectly concentric which assures a consistently strong lock and long tooling life.

Complete head is wedged into frame section and built from interlocking components CNC machined from high grade material for precision strength and durability.

Taloc Process

Clinching Progression

Step 1:

Two pieces of material are placed on the die as the machine is actuated. The clamp and punch strike the material, holding it firmly in place.

Step 2:

Once the material is held in place, the punch draws the material into a cup-shaped cavity.

Step 3:

The clamp allows for expansion as the punch forces the material to flare out, locking the material together.

Fitting Machines

Our gorelocker machine is your answer to high quality spiral fittings – from welded elbows to reducers to end caps and more. We also offer a rotary machine ideal for mass production of chimney and round fittings to a rotary machine that can connect sheet metal parts. Furthermore, our welding machines are known for creating consistent welds, such as stitch tube welding – creating longitudinal welds from end to end every time. For flanging needs, we carry a flange machine that produces round and flat oval flanges from angle stock and an elbow flange machine that is capable of composing segmental elbows. We even offer a 3D-Cut plasma machine that is unparalleled at producing flue pipe, as well as a D-Cut plasma cutting system that allows for generating products of various metal sizes – up to 1/2″ thick. These are just some of the spiral fitting machines that we carry, below are all of the fitting machines that we offer:


Flat Oval Duct Equipment

For jobs that require oval pipe, ISM Machinery offers multiple options of flat oval duct equipment to meet your needs – the Oval-Max 1.25 and the Oval-Max Roller 3 & 4 models. In comparison to rectangular ducts, flat oval ducts move air more efficiently. ISM uses the best proven manufacturing combined with the latest, engineered state-of-the-art-technology to deliver the best flat oval duct machinery in the industry.


Pre-Owned Machines

ISM also offers used and pre-owned spiral machines and spiral fitting machinery, in addition to our new spiral machines. We specialize in refurbished Spiral-Helix and Spiro Spiral tubeforming equipment. ISM has over 40 years of experience in refurbishing pre-owned spiral machines and related machinery, so you will feel confident that your refurbished spiral machine is in good conidition. Below are the refurbished spiral machines that we have available: