EZ Hanger® & EZ Connector®


Hanging duct from the STRONGEST part of the duct – the Flange.  Introducing The World’s First Structural Load-Bearing Rectangular Duct Hanging System

EZ Hanger® System

The EZ Hanger System can REDUCE your duct hanging and labor costs more than 70%. EZ Hanger works with all three duct suspension methods – steel straps, steel wire trapeze (threaded rod with cradle bar), and the most common, threaded rod.

Laboratory tests confirm that the EZ Hanger can hold an 18 ga. duct to 2,800 lbs. (with #10 self-tapping screw) or 1,400 lbs. (with no bolt).

Submittal for Contractors – EZ Hanger System

Special die-stamped offset so the female hanger will not accidentally rotate between duct sections when connecting.

There are 2 ways to secure the corner to the flange for EZ Hanger, Lance-N-Loc or EZ Connector

Makes your installation easier and looks more professional.

EZ Connector®

An innovative new design of duct connection to revolutionize duct installation. The EZ Connector corners feed from all IPI/Engel automated corner insertion/crimping machines with ne presser blocks with simple modification. Patented EZ “tear-drop” connector and clenching holes serve as pilot guide for EZ assembly with the most versatile and lightest bolt guns. It has stronger connection for EZ factory duct assembly – can ship multiple ducts in connected assemblies

EZ Connector® - Bolts

Amazing features lead to unprecedented utility and EZ installation

  • Stronger than standard 3/8” carriage bolts
  • Washer built into “extra high” EZ drive head
  • No need to use nuts with EZ Connector™
  • Fewer small-part items to drop or lose going up and down on the Genie lift
  • Spin-out feature prevents over-torquing and reduces damage to gaskets (leakage at corners reduced)
  • 1 ½” long version available for heavier gauge, unique location, special fitting and/or special fitting applications
  • 1” hollowed “auger” version available to cut through flanges up to 16 gauge if you are not punching through holes *
  • Pilots and drives to significantly reduce or eliminate use of drift-pin and clamps for corner alignment
  • *Note:  Special clearance flange punches available to retrofit for your existing Iowa Precision and Engel automated Coil Lines (new or retrofit to existing Coil Lines), and is included on all new IPI and Engel Coil Lines.
  • The whole process saves up to 50% installation labor, is safer and reduces leakage
  • Currently sized to work with rolled-on and slip-on flange of heights for 35 mm (USA) and 30 mm (European)
  • Facilitates the EZ Hanger System that saves even more installation cost, BUT can be used independently.
  • EZ Connector® Bolt and Corner – Patent Pending and Patent Nos.  6,810,570, 8,172,280, and 8,474,881
  • EZ Hanger® – Patent Nos. 9,222,497 and 9,347,476


The patented TDC & TDF Cornermatic Corners are precisely engineered and precision stamped to fit and hold perfectly, plus, they exceed all 4-bolt connector reinforcing requirements. Don’t compromise your HVAC duct design with inferior second-rate corner copies.

Cornermatic – Corner Cadet - Whisper-lok

Tired of wasting valuable time and money manually installing corners on 18 to 26 gauge duct? Tired of hearing that annoying Pittsburgh air hammer? Tired of your employees complaining about being fatigued from constantly having to bend over hammer in these corners?

Your shop guys make good ductwork, but no matter how capable your crew is, accurate and secure corner insertion is slow and imprecise when done manually.

Once again, Iowa Precision, Lockformer & Engel have the solutions: the Cornermatic, the Corner Cadet and the Whisper-lok. These tools make all the inefficiencies and excess noise go away. Designed and built to ruggedly deliver perfect seamed Pittsburgh locks and TDC/TDF joints.

Using Your Cornermatic

We recommend using the new EZ Connector™ — the “teardrop” corner with the EZ Connector bolt

Of course, if you want to stay with your tried and true performance, you can continue to use the traditional Cornermatic® corner plate offered by Iowa Precision Industries.

If you choose to try the corner plate offerings from new entrants to the market, please note:

Precautionary Warnings & Recommendations

  1. Customers should be careful about using other manufacturers’ corners without quality inspections of critical dimensions of the corner plate that affect placement, alignment and seating into TDC® and TDF® flanges and into automated Cornermatic® machines, including material thickness at the median of 16 gauge, equal height of the tabs and the formed corner edge and uniformly formed lead edges without significant burrs.
  2. Customers should ensure the corners will not pre-maturely rust by requesting “chemical and physical certification” to assure that the corner plates are made of G90 galvanized steel.
  3. Customers who require the Sheet Metal Workers International union “blue label” should buy corner plates from Iowa Precision Industries and Ductmate Industries.
  4. Customers should be careful about using other manufacturers’ corners without testing in the Cornermatic ® automated corner machines.
  5. Customers who are concerned about “Made in America” should make inquiries with the supplier; especially if the corners have been “dumped” below US market cost – about $0.135 per corner.  Regulations exist and penalties may apply.
  6. If you want a superior corner technology, try our NEW, value-added EZ Connector® corner (with the exclusive “tear-drop” hole pattern).
  7. This new and improved corner design may be a few cents more in material but you will, without question, save thousands of your duct installation dollars when combining it with the EZ Connector® bolt.
  8. The EZ Connector® bolt also is the primary method of securing corners so they can be used in combination with our latest technology for commercial duct hanging – the patented EZ Hanger® System.

For further information on Cornermatic corners for your sheet metal shop, please contact us.