Vulcan Subscription Service Plan

We take pride in the reliability of our equipment, but any number of situations can arise that cause downtime.   The key is how quickly you’re back up and running.  That is why the Vulcan Subscription Service Plan focuses on response time.

Our service plan takes effect 12 months after the machine is delivered (first year is complimentary) and covers both the physical equipment and the software.

The Vulcan service plan includes the following benefits:

  • Immediate daytime phone support (8 am to 12pm and 1pm to 4:45 pm CST) with a qualified Vulcan specialist

  • Onsite service visits by a technician when necessary

  • New software releases  – subscribers receive the latest software as soon as its available. This includes software for the basic machinery, and also for duct fabrication and spiral tube formers.

  • Software training

  • Discounts on replacement parts

Bottom line? Protection against downtime is a necessity more than ever, and the assurance of rapid response time, backed by our service track record, is your best protection.

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