Round Duct Machinery


Leveraging decades of HVAC insights, experience, and resources, Mestek Machinery can devise the full-scale, automated manufacturing system that ensures performance efficiency of your round ductwork solutions.

Complete, automated round ductwork manufacturing system

The machines and equipment manufactured by our family of companies ; Engel Industries, Iowa Precision, and Lockformer ; deliver the industry’s most precise and fully formed, round ductwork components with speed, accuracy, and repeatability.

By performing the manufacturing of your straight duct and fittings in house, you can ensure that the quality of the round ductwork meets the specifications of your job. The fully automated process delivers consistency, performing all the necessary forming, cutting, and processing with precision. This allows your professionals to concentrate on performing the critical alignments and triangulations during assembly without worry of ill-fitting components.

In addition to reducing the need for manual labor and finishing, our automated systems help to improve turn-around times and produce less waste metal during fabrication, ultimately lowering your business’s overhead costs. The precision manufacturing process also ensures the smooth installation of your round fittings and straight ductwork, as well as accurate size and shape for optimal system performance.

Benefits of Round Straight Duct and Fittings Solutions

  • Precision manufacturing eases assembly of precision components, especially fittings
  • Allows Journeymen to focus attention on proper alignment, triangulation
  • Automation ensures consistency in size, shape of duct
  • Streamlines the installation process
  • Delivers consistency and accuracy of seams and joints
  • Reduces leaks, creates uniform seal
  • In house processing ensures on-time delivery, verification of quality


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