Insulation Cutting Equipment

Insulation Cutting Equipment

From the metal ductwork components manufactured to the actual installation process, you strive to deliver quality solutions. Cutting insulation manually is a slow, costly and inexact procedure.

Mestek Machinery’s Insulmatic and Waterjet cutting systems can help you extend that precision further, bringing accuracy and efficiency to the cutting and fabrication of your fiberglass and elastomeric foam insulation.

More information about insulation for HVAC applications can also be found at the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, NAIMA.

Waterjet Cutting System

Mestek Machinery’s Waterjet cutting systems automate the manufacturing of insulation for rectangular, round, and oval ductwork and their associated fittings. This eliminates the manual labor, ensuring precision cutting, notching, and processing, while reducing your staff’s exposure to these hazardous and dirty materials. Additionally, our waterjet cutting systems reduce the production of waste materials, processing the insulation more efficiently than traditional methods. By processing your fiberglass and elastomeric foam insulation in house, Mestek Machinery’s waterjet cutting solutions put control in your hands, improving turn-around times, product quality, and your business’s overhead.


The INSULMATIC’s new patented SWING KNIFE CUT-OFF can be used to cut both the conformable non-fibrous foam insulation and standard fiberglass insulation. The new cut-off is a knife design that slices the insulation rather than the old chop method. The new cut-off also uses a special harden waved cutting edge for slicing the insulation. It also uses patented narrow slot in the cutting stick for the knife to pass thru without touching the cutting stick. This increases the life of the knife.


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