Mestek Machinery has a long history of providing reliable and long-lasting duct work machinery and sheet metal bending equipment. As an industry-leader, our family of companies include Lockformer, Engel Industries, ISM by Lockformer, Iowa Precision and many more, bringing decades of experience addressing every aspect of the HVAC industry. We have worked successfully with thousands of duct shops and continue to innovate and develop our product line. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities supported by our large team of engineers, allow us to manufacture and distribute a full line of products.

Automated Duct Forming Lines

Mestek’s End to End Process is revolutionizing duct forming and fabrication. Our machines meet the highest tolerances for precision, efficiency, and speed so you can deliver the best ductwork solutions possible. Mestek’s family of products – Engel, Iowa Precision & Lockformer are complete systems, capable of delivering the most fully formed straight duct and fittings possible. Our innovative duct forming machines and equipment fabricate the seams, joints and joint connectors for rectangular ductwork with unmatched quality.

Benefits Of Our Duct Forming Lines

  • Precision manufacturing minimizes turbulence and resistance, especially in fittings
  • Helps to optimize overall performance
  • Automation ensures consistency in size, shape of duct
  • Adjustments easily made for long runs, reducing fitting
  • Streamlines the installation process
  • Delivers consistency and accuracy of seams, joints, and joint connectors
  • Reduces leaks, creates uniform seal
  • In house processing ensures on-time delivery, verification of quality

Corner Insertion & Seam Closing

Mestek offers top of the line corner insertion and seam closing machines. Our machines are designed to address the difficulty of inserting corners into fitting ductwork. Get the job done quicker, and without any physical exertion with several automated features in each machine. Our machines are designed to reduce the time spent crimping with manual crimping and hand insertion methods. Mestek offers insertion and seam closing machines from our extensive family of companies – Iowa Precision, Lockformer, and Engel. Each company provides cutting-edge technology with maticulous attention to detail, to ensure a quality product.

Lockformer Vulcan Cutting Systems

Mestek Machinery offers an elite line of plasma, laser and waterjet cutting tables and technology, creating a benchmark for how all plasma cutting systems should perform. Combined with our brand new “Flex-Ability” technology, our machines are able to provide superior and precise cutting technology.

What is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is the process of cutting conductive materials such as steel, aluminum, brass and copper and many other conductive metals into specific custom legnths. Plasma cutters combine high speed and precision cuts with lower operation costs to produce a very custom and efficient product. Plasma cutting is often used in industrial construction, fabrication and CNC shops, automotive shops, salvage and scrapping operations.

Vulcan Plasma Cutters vs. CNC Plasma Cutters

Our Vulcan systems are renowned for their unequaled structural integrity. This allows our plasma cutters to outperform any CNC plasma cutting system out in the current market. When it comes down to the details, let Mestek show the power and accuracy of our Plasma Vulcan Cutters.
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