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Mestek Machinery is the industry-leading designer and manufacturer of the most complete, productive and innovative metal forming solutions for the fabrication of HVAC sheet metal ductwork and fittings. Our family of companies – Lockformer, Engel Industries, Iowa Precision, Lion, Roto-Die and ISM by Lockformer –  have people with decades of experience addressing every facet of the HVAC duct industry. The result is a combined knowledge and experience that develops cutting edge, precision technologies and automated manufacturing equipment that saves sheet metal contractors and fabricators time and labor to ensure a finished duct product that reflects a reputation for quality.

The Market Leader

We have been, and intend to remain, the market leader in HVAC sheet metal equipment and solutions for duct shops and fabricators. Our many long-term relationships with sheet metal contractors and our huge installed base are very valuable to us, a resource for our marketplace, and a testament to our reliability and industry focus. We operate our businesses with a long-term outlook and we’re not going anywhere but forward. We’re only human, so our people and our systems are not perfect and given the hundreds of thousands of interactions and tens of thousands of pieces of equipment, we may miss the mark from time to time, but we constantly evaluate our people, our systems, our tools and our customer service attitudes to deliver satisfaction. Please give us the chance to help you maintain and repair your Lockformer, Engel, Iowa Precision and Lion duct shop equipment with genuine factory designed, manufactured and tested repair parts. You’ll be glad that you did!

By the way, less than 10% of the production of Formtek Asia-Pacific comes back to North America in any given year because most is sold near to where it was built in Asia, Australia and Europe. So the total value of the machinery, sub-assemblies and parts furnished by Mestek Machinery to its customers in North America (not just the USA) is generally around 5% of total annual sales — about the same amount that is purchased from third party foreign suppliers whose technology has proven so valuable to our customers. Please remember these facts the next time someone tells you Mestek Machinery makes “virtually everything in China”. Also, ask yourself why you should be denied technology just because it was touched by someone residing in another country. As if America was not a country of immigrants in the first place? Thank God!


We have been in the HVAC sheet metal, duct fabrication industry for 70+ years and have specific plans for the future. In that time we have worked successfully with thousands of duct shops. Surely we have also made our share of mistakes, but on balance we have more than accomplished our mission of reducing the cost of sheet metal duct fabrication. Imagine duct shop life without the Pittsburgh, the rolled on TDC and TDF flanges, the Whisper-loc or the Cornermatic. Imagine duct shop life without our continuous improvements and other innovations. We are proud that so many of our customers are both successful and wealthy.

This is a highly technical business in a changing market that demands constant service to a principle of improving duct fabrication and installation productivity based on industry knowledge, listening to the needs of sheet metal and mechanical contractors and developing new methods. We ask that you please do not place the ultimate success of your business and your future personal wealth on being sold. Investigate the facts and understand the true return on investment. In the 21st century the tools exist to do what others do (especially if you have other drawings or people), but there remains no short cut to understanding and benefitting from why one does business — defined by decade after decade of serving an industry year after year of improving duct fabrication productivity and day after day of living for a purpose other than . . . well, we know you get it.

Our Capabilities

We invite you to compare Mestek Machinery’s robust and broad capability profile to any of our competitors. These capabilities define our ability to manufacture equipment that is reliable and long-lived — giving you years more of return on investment. Oftentimes, if one of our competitors gave you the equipment for free our long-term value would prove to be better even at a premium of 20% or more. If you are interested in proving this to yourself, please check out our ROI calculations section and then give us a call about the productivity of our Lockformer, Iowa Precision, Engel, Lion and ISM brand equipment. It may be the difference between success and failure in your marketplace. We know it could be the difference between making a living and creating wealth. Also, if you just do not have the budget to own the best today, we want to help. Please talk to us about financing or tolling, it can make an enormous difference for you.

Certified ISO 9001:2008

Mestek Machinery is proud to announce it is now certified as an ISO 9001:2008 compliant organization as accredited by NSF-ISR. The certification represents the achievement of a base-line of practice, procedure and documentation that Mestek Machinery will use to improve its products and services and to increase customer satisfaction.


Our Facilities are where our people, our dealers, our customers, and the latest innovations and technology merge. Mestek Machinery is a vertically-integrated, manufacturing, service and engineering operation fortunate to have:

  • Our own machine shop
  • Our own welding and fabricating operation
  • Our own heat treating facility
  • Our own mechanical and electrical assembly and testing facility
  • Our own quality assurance program and quality control system
  • Our own software development and programming department
  • Our well-developed phalanx of skilled and experienced vendors and supply partners
  • Our own product development and 3-D proto-typing facilities, and
  • Our own skilled and experienced start up, commissioning and installation supervision crews.

These are all supported by a large team of sales engineers, application engineers and design engineers.

Our Family Tree

SMACNA partnerHardi Contributing Member 2016Hardi Contributing Member 2016

What we describe is one-third of a broader machine tool company — one that leads the US in press-feeding equipment and high production roll forming. A company with enormous strength in coiled metal processing systems and flexible fabrication lines. We are fortunate to carry on the legacy of brand names like Yoder, Dahlstrom, Tishken, Hill Engineering, Rowe, Cooper-Weymouth, Peterson, Dickerman, Coil-Matic, CoilMate, B & K, WinPro, and Krasny Kaplan. And, all of this capability is imbedded in Mestek, Inc., a diverse manufacturing company that has produced hydronic and air-side HVAC and air distribution equipment since the 1940’s — a parent with a rock-solid balance sheet, cash in the bank, a penchant for investing in new product development and years on the cutting edge of heating, cooling, air distribution and sheet metal fabrication. Mestek also has deep roots in ASHRAE, AHRI, ASME and SMACNA. When you choose to buy the Lockformer, Iowa Precision, Engel and Lion brands to work for you, you acquire a place in that legacy to build your business and secure a good life for your family.

Superior Service
To support your daily up-time and productivity, Mestek Machinery has knowledgeable and experienced service personnel in-house and in the field;

  • Customer service technicians
  • Telephone trouble shooters
  • Electronic diagnostics tools and applications
  • Formal service plans with significant advantages and discounts
  • Millions of dollars of inventory
  • A “code red” quick ship program
  • 24/7 access and a desire to keep you going and get you back up and running
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