Mestek Machinery at AHR 2018 – Pro-Ductomatic Starter Coil Line


If you missed the previous post in our AHR 2018 blog series, you can find it here.

The Pro-Ductomatic front-end coil line system has been designed to maximize your return on investment by delivering years of reliable production. Designed for light to heavy-duty commercial, as well as residential applications, there is the capability to add on to make this system a complete automated duct line.

This system also features the fastest feed rate in the industry. This front-end system includes the highest quality components on:

  • E-Z load coil drum assemblies for quick coil changeover
  • Hydraulically powered gear driven decoiler system on each coil station with low friction UHMW shaft pockets available in both 12,000 & 20,000 lb capacities
  • Notching for TDC/TDF as well as Slip & Drive duct
  • Notch Damper holes as well as EZ Connector
  • Cleatroller
  • Shear brake to form the male Pittsburgh and Snaplock

We have created a calculator to measure return on investment. Try it out to see if the pro-ductomatic would be a good investment for your shop.

ROI Calculator:


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