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Vulcan Hardware & Software working Together
As an MEP Contractor, you have enough point solutions that do not talk to other solutions across your business. We understand your business and the MEP specific challenges you face. This appreciates and understanding drives our goal of connecting your design and fabrication processes for a seamless, 21st century business environment.


For years, Vulcan has set the bar for cutting software with the best mix of innovation and usability. At the core of its success is the unique combination of powerful, intuitive technology. Easy-to-use input screens let your operators enter duct and fittings quickly and accurately. The comprehensive fitting library within Vulcan includes thousands of fittings of all shapes and sizes which can be used in projects ranging in size from residential projects to large industrial applications, while tools such as the automatic segmenting and shape nesting tools help to drive efficiency.


From Bid to Projection Completion – You’re Covered
Hardware and Software solutions are the ultimate answer for the HVAC contractor looking to tackle projects from residential to commercial while meeting tight deadlines and maintaining profitability on a project.


Spec-driven labor and material estimating software are ideal for HVAC and sheet metal estimators. Leverage pre-built assemblies, automatic fitting generation, and integration with CAD detailing solution, estimating software is a go-to solution for large and small sheet metal contractors alike.

The CAD Providers we are currently open in architecture with are:

  • Autodesk Fabrication CADmep (free plugin)
  • SysQue
  • DuctDesigner 3D
  • AutoBid Sheet Metal
  • EastCoast-CAD
  • CADPipe
  • DrawTech
  • SDS Shop Data Systems
  • Webduct
  • Bentley

Increase your shop’s productivity and profits with software that has been the industry standard for 30 years. Vulcan software makes you work more productive whether you have five or fifty people in your shop. Fitting input is quick, simple, and non-repetitive. Create customized, color-coded labels and reports easily.

  • Comprehensive Fitting Libraries
  • Automatic Shape Nesting
  • Customized Color Labels
  • Accessories
  • Automatic Segmenting
  • Manual Segmenting
  • Dampers
  • Reinforcing


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