Vulcan 1700 Knifejet Insulation Cutting System

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Your cutting table drives your business. Trust Lockformer’s Vulcan to drive your table.

Manual cutting duct liner is wasteful. This system cuts costs by reducing insulation scrap and you know fiberglass costs more than metal these days.

HVAC contractors rely on Vulcans insulation cutting software and table to increase shop productivity, reduce waste, and improve their bottom line.

Insulation Cutting System Consisting of:

“Turf” Covered cutting board that replaces the slat configuration on normal plasma cutting table.

Equipped with special knife for cutting up to 1.5lb 1” ROTARY type duct liner.

Two (2) full width pneumatic hold-down rolls for positive positioning of the Insulation while cutting fittings.

An optional bar code scanner and software that offers “On Demand” nesting of the fitting insulation pieces.

Vulcan Windows 7 HVAC

Computer System
Office PC with 19” Monitor & Printer

Machine Control
7590 CNC-TS  & 15” Color Graphic Industrial Touch Screen

Cutting Unit
Knife Blade

Cutting Capacity
1” Fiberglass Insulation

Positioning Speed
3,000 IPM Max.

Cutting Speed
Based on Material


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