TDF-V16 Roll Former

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16 Station TDF®  Rollform Machine Includes Patented TDF® Rolls.

This is the only transverse duct connector machine on the market certified to comply with SMACNA Duct Construction Standard (DCS) T-25b based on actual laboratory tests across the full range of water gauges.

Features and Benefits:

  • Unitized steel
  • High yield and tensile strength shafts and “off the shelf” ball bearings
  • Heavy duty gears are Mod4 (6 pitch)
  • Extended roll shafts for mounting auxiliary rolls, one side outboard
  • Optional tooling sets available for outboard
  • All steel forming head, hardened steel infeed guide and hardened steel forming rolls mounted on turned and ground
  • No adjustments necessary when going from 26ga to 18ga
  • Includes Snap Flange
  • Comes standard with short parts feeder for 6 inch minimum lengths


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