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Instead of add-on flange, roll forming your own sealable flanges on transverse duct joints during the fabrication process has never been easier. The TDC flange, per SMACNA Duct Construction Standard (DCS T25a) specifications, is formed on the machine’s left-hand auxiliary, has unique, snap-in corners that eliminate spot welding. Optional rolls are also available for Z-Bar and TDC Clip.

TDC-V Rollformer

This TDC-V Rollformer has 12 forming stations and produces TDC flanges from 18 to 26 ga. at speeds of up to 50 feet per minute!

Famous Lockformer quality construction with an industrial motor, high precision bearings, heavy duty three zone chassis head-plate construction, hardened and ground roll shafts all protected with Lockformer’s top-quality primer and paint finish. Optional rolls are available for TDC Clip production.

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Engel TDC-V16For contractors and fabricators that tend to run heavier gauge duct, the TDC-V16 is an alternative that enables production of 16 to 22 gauge transverse duct flange, per Duct Construction Standard T25a specifications.  The same auxiliary toolsets are available as the TDC-V roll former.

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