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Save the time and scrap of add-on flange by roll forming your own sealable flanges for transverse duct joints.  With the TDC roll former, the duct fabrication process has never been easier. The TDC flange, per SMACNA Duct Construction Standard (DCS T25a) specifications, is formed on the machine’s left-hand auxiliary, has unique, snap-in corners that eliminate spot welding.

TDC 14 Station

The classic 14 Station TDC Roll Former comes in two version, DES (2-plate) and Triplex (3-plate), with its 2-plate or Triplex design, offers the ability to form 2 auxiliary profiles (2-Plate), such as Z-Bar, Clip or Nexus or 3 auxiliary profiles (Triplex).

TDC 14 Station DES

With its 2-plate design, the TDC DES offers the ability to form 2 auxiliary profiles, such as Z-Bar, Clip or Nexus

TDC 14 Station Triplex

With its 3-plate design, the TDC Triplex offers the ability to form 3 auxiliary profiles, such as Z-Bar, Clip, Nexus, Standing “S” Cleat, 3-in-1 Combination Standing Seam and right angle or 1/2″ Pittsburgh.

Looking for a more compact design or 16 gauge flange capability?  Then check out the new TDC-V Roll Former.

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