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Every Pro-Ductomatic Front-End Coil Line System has been designed to maximize your return on investment by delivering years of reliable production. Designed for Light to Heavy Duty Commercial applications. Plus, we always design in the capability to add on to make this system a complete Automated Duct Line.

Pro-Ductomatic Front-End Coil Line System provides you with the fastest feed rate in the industry and the most economical footprint in the world. This front-end system includes the highest quality components on:

  • E-Z load coil drum assemblies for quick coil changeover (no lifting devises to add to your lift truck).
  • Soft start motors for long life.
  • Hydraulically powered gear driven decoiler system on each coil station with low friction UHMW shaft pockets available in both 12,000 & 20,000 lb capacities
  • Multi-Grid Skate Roll System for support of every coil station.
  • Powered Multi Station Coil Select for hands free material feeding into the Pro-Ductomatic Front-End Coil Line System .
  • Industrial designed solid block die construction for a 25 year die life.
  • The industry’s toughest and most stable frames. Structured steel tube construction-maintaining structural strength will allow accessibility for maintenance, clean up and service.
  • Full width contact feed rolls for positive accurate movement.
  • Engineered with heavy-duty left/right synchronization to stabilize cutting action and give the lowest moving mass, thereby reducing shock and vibration during the cutting stroke.
  • Quiet operating system with a sound level less than 67 DB.
  • Shear head squaring system designed for tool free adjustment.
  • State of the art control designed, manufactured and serviced by Iowa Precision Industries.
  • Industrial, solid-state PLC touch screen operating system controller with storage recall.
  • Remote self-diagnostics.


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