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Pittsburgh Lock Model 20 & Model 20 Super Speed

The Super Speed 20 and Model 20 Pittsburgh rollforming machines have 5 forming stations with 2 forming positions. One inboard forming position forms the Pittsburgh lock and one auxiliary or outboard forming position has the capability of forming 1 of 3 different profiles (see right for list of outboard-mounted auxiliary roll sets).

An optional Auto-Guide Power Flanger attachment is available for the 20 gauge Pittsburgh machine. The flanging attachment follows any edge straight of irregular while forming a 7/32 (outside) flange height. Just turn up a starting flange in the table slot, feed materials into the rolls and let go. Handles radii down to 3.25″ or 1.375″ manually at speeds of 16 – 18 fpm.

20-26 Gauge
Depth of Pocket/Size
5/16″ Uses approximately 1″ of material
Width of hammer-over edge adjustable up to 3/8″. Extended shafts for mounting auxiliary rolls
25 feet per min.
Super Speed: 75 feet per min.
3/4HP 115/230 volts, 60 cycle, single phase, A.C., 1,800 RPM, other motors available
Super Speed:
2HP 230/460 volts, 60 cycle, 3 phase, A.C., 1,800 RPM, Other 3 phase models available

flanging attachment

Auto-Guide Power Flanging Attachment For Pittsburgh Lock Models 20 & 24

Auto-Guide will automatically follow any edge — straight, inner or outer radii — and no change over is necessary between Pittsburgh Lock and flanging operations.

Automatically handles radii down to 3-1/4″.  Lock out the automatic feature to run a radius down to 1-3/8″. Two Auto-Guide Power Flanging Attachment models are available, one for Model 24 and one for Model 20.

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