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Roto-Die hydraulic sheet metal bending equipment is versatile. Our equipment is found wherever sheet metal is formed. Commercial or residential, interior or exterior, Roto-Die has an amazing variety of bending applications.

Versatile – A Roto-Die Hydraulic Sheet Metal Brake is as simple to operate as a hand brake – but has infinitely more production capacity.

Productive – Most sheet metal configurations can be formed with just one handling by one operator.

Profitable – Roto-Die Hydraulic Press brakes are engineered to cut costs. Labor costs are reduced while shop productivity is increased.

The patented Roto-Die hydraulic sheet metal benders have been a fixture in thousands of sheet metal shops for over 45 years.

Bending Capacity: 60″ x 16 gauge*

Machine Details:

  • Tooling for five (5) Basic Forming Operations:
  • Tooling for five (5) Basic Forming Operations:
    • No. 37 Roto-Die, including 7 Cross-Braking Groove, 85° x 3/8″ Wide Die Opening, 85° x 7/8″ Wide Die Opening, and 30° x ½” Wide Die Opening
    • No. 24 Hemming Die (30°)
    • No. 1 Forming Die (85°)
  • Sheet Support Arms with Clips
  • Gauging Blocks
  • Disappearing Spring-Pin Gauges
  • Depth-of-Stroke Adjustment
  • Length-of-Stroke Adjustment
  • Bending Capacity of 60″ x 16 ga mild steel (60″ x 10 ga Optional with heavy gauge angle insert die)
  • 7.5-hp 230V (22 Amps), 3-Phase, 60 Hz motor (460V (11.0 Amps) & 575V (9.0 Amps) available)
  • Model 5 requires 34 Gallons, AW46 Weight Non-Foaming hydraulic oil


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