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When the job calls for heavy-duty giants, this machine tool is it. For a multitude of HVAC rollforming shapes and profiles, look no further than the Super 11 Cleatformer.

Pittsburgh Lock, Acme/Double Seam, Combination 3-1, Hemming, Boot Clip and drive cleats are just some of the many rollset tooling options you can add to this Super machine.

Every 11-station Cleatformer incorporates Lockformer’s precision built head-plates and offers extended shafts on both sides of the machine can accommodate many other sheet-edge operations, including the 20 gauge Pittsburgh Lock and the Button Punch Snap Lock.

Famous Lockformer quality construction with an industrial motor and gear box; high precision bearings; heavy duty three zone chassis; plate head construction; hardened and ground roll shafts all protected with a cabinet finished with Lockformer’s top-quality primer and paint finish.

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