Iowa Precision Swing-Knife Cutting System

Machine Description

Insulmatic Swing Knife Cut-Off System – Model IM5-SK

To complete the INSULMATIC, the new patented SWING KNIFE CUT-OFF can be used to cut both the conformable non-fibrous foam insulation and standard fiberglass insulation.

The new cut-off is a knife design that slices the insulation rather than the old chop method. The new cut-off also uses a special harden waved cutting edge for slicing the insulation. It also uses patented narrow slot in the cutting stick for the knife to pass thru without touching the cutting stick. This increases the life of the knife.

When switching from fiberglass insulation to conformable non-fibrous foam insulation, A new knife blade may be required. The fiberglass insulation is very abrasive and will take the fine edge off the knife blade after a period of time. The knife blade will continue to cut and fracture the fiberglass because of the narrow slot in which the knife blade passes through. When switching from conformable non-fibrous foam insulation a new knife blade is not required. Once programmed, the INSULMATIC will automatically measure the incoming part and cut off the insulation.

The Swing Knife is available as a retrofit for existing Iowa Precision coil lines, contact us for information about adding this capability so you may automatically install armacell and k-flex type insulation in your duct line.

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