Iowa Precision Elbow Machine

Machine Description

Advantages of Owning Iowa Precision’s Elbow Machines…

  • Twin Ball Screw Lift ball screw electric servo motor driven for accurate positioning vs. hydraulic cylinder movement.
  • Improved Tube Gripping System
  • Single large diameter bearing on push tube
  • Head Rotation Control Valves: Single directional control valve with an in-line proportional flow control valve for smooth start and stop of head
  • Head Rotation Counter & Sensor: Head rotation uses a wiper ring which the arbor sleeve clean vs. competitors not using a wiper so the machine has to be cleaned daily.
  • Head Gears: Reduced number of teeth shortens cycle time and tie bar between shaft ends improving durability
  • Tooling requires no eccentric ring: Combined clamp plate and clamp ring. Push tube is rotated while being pushed up to next location
  • Arbor Tube: No openings, which keeps dirt and shavings out vs. competitors’ copy of an old design where the arbor tube openings allow dirt and shavings to get to the bushings.
  • No compressed air required for machine operation


Elbow Rotator will automatically turn each section of the elbow while it is still in the elbow machine. After each joint in the elbow is finished, the portion of the elbow above the joint is rotated 180 degrees. This only adds 2.5 seconds to the cycle time.



Adjustable Elbow Machine Models

EMHP 3/4/5:  25 to 30 gauge (0.0125″ to 0.020″), 3″ to 5″ tube diameter range

EMHP 4/5/6: 25 to 30 gauge (0.0125″ to 0.020″), 4″ to 6″ tube diameter range

EMHP 6/7/8: 25 to 30 gauge (0.0125″ to 0.020″), 6″ to 8″ tube diameter range

EMHP 9/16: 25 to 30 gauge (0.0125″ to 0.020″), 9″ to 16″ tube diameter range

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