How to Use the Cornermatic Plus Versa

Machine Description

The Cornermatic Plus Versa is a game changer for duct shops that struggle to produce large and small commercial rectangular fittings with TDC or TDF flange.  A best practice would be to setup the Versa in a large open area, roughly 20′ x 25′, with 2 work benches.

The work benches accommodate the fabrication of small fittings.  With the Cornermatic Plus Versa set at table height, it is easy to walk over and automatically insert the TDC or TDF corners.

A large open area in front of the Cornermatic Plus Versa, roughly 8′ to 10′ diameter, makes the setup practical for large fittings.  With the Cornermatic Plus Versa set in the down position, flush to the floor level, large fittings can be slid over to the machine, and corners inserted.

Shop Layout Checklist - Cornermatic Plus Versa

1. Space:  Make sure there is enough space between the work benches and the Cornermatic Versa to maneuver your largest fittings; 8′ to 10′ diameter clear area is a good starting point

2. Corner Storage:  Store the TDC or TDF Corners in an area that is easy to access, for quick loading of the Cornermatic Plus Versa

3. Training: Train your fabricators on Cornermatic Plus Versa.  It only takes a few minutes and they will be ready to ditch their hammer!

4. Adjust:  The illustrations above are an example of a small shop, set up the work benches to maximize productivity for the types of fittings your shop produces.

Depending on how your shop is processing material to fabricate a fitting, it may work better to have a work bench on each side of the cornermatic, in a straight line.

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