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Features and Benefits:

  1. The HB-1640 machine uses 16 roll-forming stations, the competition uses only 14 stations.
  2. Our machine takes up 19″ less length and 7″ less width in floor space.
  3. There are no adjustments when going from 26 gauge to 18 gauge material; competition requires adjustments.
  4. The “short parts feeder”, 6″ length minimum, requires no manual adjustment and removal of machine guard when running short parts; competition does.
  5. We use high yield and tensile strength shafts for our tooling, turning in precision, factory manufactured, hardened inner races; competition uses hardened shafts – which are brittle and breakage is common.
  6. All of our gears are large 6 pitch heavy duty style. They run very quietly well below OSHA noise limits.
  7. All of our bearings are “off the shelf’ and available from local supply houses.
  8. Our machine is driven by an oil filled, sealed, gear reducer, direct coupled to the main motor and is very quiet. Competition utilizes a “V’ belt drive between the main motor and their pinion gear. This drive is noisy and exposed to damage by metal chips.
  9. Our roll shafts are secured by high quality, large thrust washers. Competition uses snap rings that are less secure and an eye hazard to maintenance workers.
  10. Our machine produces its clips in the inboard position, allowing for optional tooling on the free outboard side; either Pittsburgh, Triplex, or specials. Competition produces its clips outboard and therefore no optional tooling is possible.
  11. Our flange edge is turned inside the flange, eliminating a sharp edge hazard to duct installers. Competition turns their flange outside the flange where it’s sharp edge becomes a hazard to installers. As the duct is dragged off of the truck the raw edges of the TDC tend to dig into the truck floor, distorting their shape.
  12. The TDF corner snaps and locks into place. The Competition requires hand crimping at each end of each corner. Therefore, each joint of theirs requires 16 hand crimps.
  13. Competitions out-turned flange edges, especially if plasma cut, will show rust or discoloration. Our flange edge turned in, shields this condition from view.
  14. With all of the above advantages, our TDF System is priced lower than the competition.

Material Used
2 11/16 inch
Motor 5 H.P., 1800 RPM
208, 230-460/3/60

Includes Snap Flange Feature
Standard with extended roll shafts for mounting auxiliary rolls, one side outboard only
One set of Inboard Tooling available
Clip Stitcher available

16 to 26 gauge
Mild steel

75 FPM
Flange Width
1.40 inch


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