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Fabriduct Infinity

The most efficient and productive automated duct line ever built, the Iowa Precision Fabriduct® line, with over 800 machines delivered worldwide, had been improved to allow automated production of rectangular straight ducts either to coil width/standard duct length or to any duct length from 32″ up to 118″.

This new configuration will allow you to optimize the production of your special lengths straight ducts and greatly reduce your labor costs and production lead times.

Fabriduct Infinity 2

Available in straight line or L-layout configuration!


  • 25 to 16 gauge
  • Minimum Duct Size 8″x10″
  • Capable of producing any duct lengths from 32″ to 118″
  • “L”, “U” & Full Wrap duct type capability
  • Up to 75 FPM
  • Touch screen Human Machine Interface (“HMI”) with comprehensive diagnostic system
  • Up to 12 Coil stations with fast change over 12,000 capacity each (20,000 lbs available on request)
  • Underfed Multi-Grid hydraulic powered driven uncoilers
  • EZ-Load coil Spools, for one man safe and easy coil loading
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hold Down Rolls to prevent clock spring effect and allow hands off coil handling
  • Automated Coil Selection with powered feed rolls
  • Heavy Duty Straightener and Beader
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Notchers for Slip & Drive and TDC® Flange
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shear
  • Two seam types available (1/2″ or 5/16″ Pittsburgh or Button Punch Snap Lock)
  • Wrap Brake 14’9″ available with straight line configuration; 9’10” with L shaped line
  • Download option available
  • Heavy Duty construction, all hydraulic activation guarantees a very long life time and low maintenance
  • Maintenance friendly design allows easy access to valve banks and drive components
  • User Friendly Industrial PLC control system
  • Servo motor system guarantees long life and consistent part quality


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