Machine Description

Introducing The World’s First Structural Load-Bearing Rectangular Duct Hanging System.

EZ Hanger™ System

The patented EZ Hanger™ System can REDUCE your duct hanging and labor costs more than 70%

EZ Hanger™ works with all three duct suspension methods – steel straps, steel wire trapeze (threaded rod with cradle bar), and the most common, threaded rod.

Laboratory tests confirm that the EZ Hanger™ can hold an 18 ga. duct to 2,800 lbs. (with #10 self-tapping bolt) or 1,400 lbs. (with no bolt).

Special die-stamped offset so the female hanger will not accidentally rotate between duct sections when connecting.

There are 2 ways to secure the corner to the flange for EZ Hanger™, Lance-N-Loc or EZ Connector

Makes your installation easier and looks more professional.


EZ Connector™

An innovative new design of duct connection to revolutionize duct installation.


The EZ Connector™ – Corner

EZ Connector™ corners feed from all IPI/Engel automated corner insertion/crimping machines with ne presser blocks with simple modification

Patented EZ “tear-drop” connector and clenching holes serve as pilot guide for EZ assembly with the most versatile and lightest bolt guns.

Stronger connection for EZ factory duct assembly – can ship multiple ducts in connected assemblies


EZ Connector™ – Bolts

Amazing features lead to unprecedented utility and EZ installation

Stronger than standard 3/8” carriage bolts

Washer built into “extra high” EZ drive head

No need to use nuts with EZ Connector™

Fewer small-part items to drop or lose going up and down on the Genie lift

Pilots and drives to significantly reduce or eliminate use of drift-pin and clamps for corner alignment

Spin-out feature prevents over-torqueing and reduces damage to gaskets (leakage at corners reduced)

1 ½” long version available for heavier gauge, unique location, special fitting and/or special fitting applications

1” hollowed “auger” version available to cut through flanges up to 16 gauge if you are not punching through holes *

*Note:  Special clearance flange punches available for your Iowa Precision and Engel automated     Coil Lines (new or retrofit to existing Coil Lines)

The whole process saves up to 50% installation labor, is safer and reduces leakage

Currently sized to work with rolled-on and slip-on flange of heights for 35 mm (USA) and 30 mm (European)

Facilitates the EZ Hanger™ System that saves even more installation cost, BUT can be used independently.


EZ Connector Bolt and Corner – Patent Pending and Patent Nos.  6,810,570, 8,172,280, and 8,474,881

EZ Hanger – Patent Nos 9,222,497 and 9,347,476


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