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The Compact II Starter Line effortlessly delivers the power and precision that today’s HVAC companies demand. Innovative ideas are all over this affordable workhorse — ideas that will save you time and money.

New features:

  • Power Infeed Guide Assembly with Hydraulic Lift for operator ease of threading.
  • Electric Servo replaces hydraulic servo for faster, more accurate positioning.

Recent Improvements:

  • All lines will be wired to customer preferred voltage eliminating the need for any transformer
  • Removed all external I/O and changed to more readily available & easier to assemble & wire internal I/O
  • Added ability to build as LH or RH Metal Line or Control
  • Changed over to in-house hydraulic unit.
  • Numerous improvements have been made for added strength, extended life, reliability etc. on all equipment.

Standard Starter Features:

  • Standard Beading Rings w/ 4 1/4 diameter rolls
  • L & T and V Notching
  • Electric Servo
  • Shear w/ Button Punch on starter
  • Manual Feed Up Ramp
  • 2 Station Belt Drive Drop-Ins w/optional Coil Select
  • 4 Roll Straightener w /4 1/4″ diameter rolls

Downstream Features:

  • TDF Rollformer
  • Front Gage Hydraulic Brake

Shear and Notch
16 Ga

16 Ga

18 Ga

26 Ga – 18 Ga

26 Ga – 20 Ga


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