Dual Head Cornermatic® Classic

Machine Description

Dual Head Cornermatic®  Classic & Adjustable Dual Head Cornermatic® Classic

Adjustable Dual Head Cornermatic® Classic adds the feature of automatically adjusting the upper crimping head to handle duct from 4′ to 6′ in length.

The Dual Head Cornermatic® Classic automatically inserts and crimps specially designed TDC/TDF® style corners in seconds. Lets you do a duct section, eight corners, in about 60 seconds with virtually no physical exertion. Compared to other methods of hand insertion and crimping, it’s a saving of 3 to 6 minutes per section of ductwork depending on size and gauge.

  • Handles duct up to 60″
  • Corners are inserted square and fully crimped.
  • No need to change the crimping adjustment when inserting corners in 18 to 26 gauge ducts,
  • CM3-DH with 16 gauge capacity optional.
  • Each quick loading magazines hold up to 175 corners.
  • Corners are shipped presorted and oriented for direct loading into the magazine.
  • No need for hand sorting.
  • Push the ductwork or fitting into the flange guides and the machine automatically does the rest.

Model CM3-C-DH: For TDC style flange only
Model CM3-F-DH: For TDF style flange only

85 – 100 PSI (5.5 – 7 Bar)

110VAC, 60 Hz

Gauge: 18 to 26, 16 gauge optional
(.050” to .022” / 1.3mm to 0.6mm, 0.060″ / 1.52 mm optional)
Mild Steel Only

Dimensions (L x W x H)
Model CM3-DH: 24-1/8” x 24-1/8” x 116”
(613 x 613 x 2946mm)
Model CM3-DHA: 35-3/4” x 35-3/4” x 127”
(908 x 908 x 3226mm)

Model CM3-DH: 1,400 lbs.
Model CM3-DHA: 1,800 lbs.

This CORNERMATIC® machine will operate with all widely available Cornermatic®-type corners and with Mestek Machinery’s revolutionary EZ Connector® corners for “C” and “F” flanges. If you acquire Cornermatic® brand corners from Ductmate, DuroDyne, CL Ward or Mestek Machinery, they will come either (i) oriented and stacked in the shipping carton (250 corner pieces per carton) for quick and easy loading into the 175 corner magazines feeding the top and bottom crimping heads, or (ii) in the NEW StrapPak™ – 80 corners in a double-strapped package (five (5) packages per carton) to be quickly loaded into the magazine directly from the shipping carton. The StrapPak™ eliminates the need to sort and orient the corners before installation. Other suppliers of Cornermatic®-type corners will not have this unique, time-saving feature which eliminates the need to hand-load the corners before installation.

Ductmate, DuroDyne, CL Ward and Mestek Machinery also can supply a ”Universal” corner – useable in all TDC® and TDF® flanges. The “Universal” corner has narrower legs and a wider mouth to assist crimping in heavier gages when the flange or Pittsburgh may be distorted.  Genuine Cornermatic® and EZ Connector® corners and LOCKFORMER TDC® and TDF® and Pittsburgh roll formers will yield the best results in producing fittings conforming to SMACNA’s Duct Construction Standards®.

Strap-Pak ™ US Patent No. 9,545,695


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