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Fast easy corner insertion and crimping in ducts and fittings. Although the Corner Cadet® is portable and light in weight, it’s heavy on performance, automatically inserting and crimping specially designed TDC/F corners in seconds. In addition to handling virtually every style of duct, the Corner Cadet® also works with multiple types of fittings. Automatic duct squaring. For ducts and fittings from 18 ga., 1.2 mm to 26 ga. and .6 mm galvanized mild steel.

Pneumatic operation 90 PSI6.1 Bar air supply requiredSingle phase power for machine controlAutomatic duct squaring

For ducts and fittings
From 18 ga. / 1.2 mm to 26 ga. / 0.6 galvanized mild steel

240 pounds / 109 Kg.

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