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Engel Industries, a name you know and trust, has engineered the perfect combination of precision and productivity in their 800 Series rollformers.

We’ve also added equal parts evolution and innovation to bring your shop an industrial grade rollformer that is built to last longer, perform quieter, and deliver the highest levels of quality and value.  The 800 Series can be configured and tooled to produce Pittsburgh (800-P) or Snap Lock (800-B).  The expanded 825 roll formed can produce slip and drive cleats as well as 2 auxiliary profiles.

  • Standard with extended roll shafts for mounting auxiliary rolls on both outboard positions, 2 auxiliary toolset total
  • No Inboard Tooling for 800-P or 800-B.
  • No opening rolls required.
  • Eight (8) stations, 2″ vertical centers, 5″ horizontal centers.
  • Three motor types are offered:
    -Three (3) HP single phase 220 V for small shops.
    -Five (5) HP single phase 220 V for medium shops.
    -Five (5) HP three phase 220/460 V for large shops – standard motor.
  • Inboard tooling on HB-825 for “S” and Drive.
  • Optional Outboard tooling is available on all HB-800 Series Roll Formers.
  • Four (4) sets of tooling can be installed on the Model HB-825.
  • Only two frame styles needed for all HB-800 configurations.

Material Used
HB-800P-20: 1 3/8 inch / 7/16 inch
HB-800P-16: 1 3/8 inch
20 – 26 gauge mild steel
Depth of Pocket
1/2 inch
90 feet per minute
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