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Engel Industries, a name you know and trust, has engineered the perfect combination of precision and productivity in their 800 Series rollformers.

The Pittsburgh Lock revolutionized the HVAC Industry in the late 1930’s and is still used today for its strength and ease in assembling ductwork.  The HB-800 Series Pittsburgh rollforming machines have 5 forming stations with 2 forming positions.  One inboard forming position forms the Pittsburgh lock and one auxiliary or outboard forming position has the capability of forming 1 of 3 different profiles.

Versatile. Roll tooling can be changed out.

The Button Punch Snap Lock Machines form a two-piece seam that greatly simplifies ductwork assembly. The male seam is a button, the female seam is a lock and the two snap together for a flush corner. These machines are available in eight forming station machines. Not only do these locks assemble twice as fast as traditional methods, but because of the two pieces nest, they are easier to transport too.

Material Used
HB-800P-20: 1 3/8 inch / 7/16 inch
HB-800P-16: 1 3/8 inch
20 – 26 gauge mild steel
Depth of Pocket
1/2 inch
25 ft/min (HB-800P-20)
40-45 ft/min (HB-800P-18 & BH-800P-16)
60-65 ft/min (HB-800P-24 & HB-800P-20)
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