Laser-Max 1.5 Safety Bulletin

Safety is of utmost importance when handling all machinery, but laser products require special precautions.

As we venture into adding laser cutting into our major product lines we want to make sure that we are doing our best to stress the importance of correct handling of these machines so that they are operated safely across our customer base.

Please take the time to read our Technical Safety Bulletin related to our Vulcan 1.5 Laser Cutting System here:

As exposure to a focused laser beam can be hazardous to human tissue – especially the eyes, most laser cutting systems use a full enclosure or structure that surrounds the entire area of the cutting table to address safe operation. This was developed for large manufacturers with high volume, repetitive cutting needs that are capable of supporting the floor space, the intermittent table access and expense of sheet feeding typical of a fully enclosed laser cutting structure. This is the market and focus of the larger laser cutting system manufacturers.

However, in the duct shop world, our HVAC sheet metal contractor customers sought a less bulky machine footprint and structure; an ability to address smaller, more diverse cutting lots; a desire to feed the cutting table from coiled metal; and quicker access to the cut pieces for part removal to secondary operations and the affixing of labels. The Laser-Max 1.5 was developed with those customer design parameters in mind while still assuring that the focused laser beam itself would always be shrouded, contained or disabled.

To read the rest of the Techincal Safety Bulletin in its entirety, click the download button below:

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