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LION Machinery stands behind all its machinery and customer service is one of our biggest priorities. New LION Cleatbender, Beader, Cheekbender or Cleat folder carry a warranty of 30 days labor and 2 years parts. All parts and service while under warranty should be handled through our location.

Warranty Statement

All LION Machinery carries a 30 day labor and 6 month parts warranty.

It is vital the air pressure maintains 90PSI throughout its cycle for the machine to bend properly. Failure to  maintain this pressure can/will result in the machine jamming and/or making inconsistent bends.

Parts and labor warranty will be NULL & VOID if any adjustments, other than normal set up procedures, are made to your machinery during setup without manufacturer assistance by calling our service techs at 314-638-0100.

Repair Statement

For repair and rebuild services and price quotes that are beyond your warranty period contact:

J.R. Svehla
5480 Sixth Street SW
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404 USA
Ph 314-364-9181
Fax 314-364-3436

Design Services

LION has the experience and expertise to design fabrication machinery that will provide the solution to your manufacturing needs. LION has a long history of producing machinery for converting raw sheet stock into finished components for your products. From simple bending to beaders, LION can develop the right solution.


LION metal benders and folders make difficult bends easy on flats, pre-formed duct, and transition pieces.

Obtuse Bends Right Angles Acute Bends Drive Cleats Standing Seams Hems with 90 Deg Drip Edges Channel Bends S-Cleats Corner Locks

Set up procedures:

Remove the machine from the crate and move to the location where it is to be used. Check to ensure the machine is sitting solid and level on the floor. If the machine rocks place shims under the machine feet until the machine is solid and level. Install anchors to the floor to keep the machine from “walking” during use. If the E+(electric) machine has been purchased plug the power cord into the wall receptacle ensuring the receptacle is grounded and any extension cord is 12AWG or larger with a max of 25FT in length. Fill the oiler with pneumatic tool oil, turn on the air supply and using the pressure regulator set the air pressure to 90PSI.

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