Mestek Machinery at AHR 2018 – Lion Pneuma Wrap Brake

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If you missed the previous post in our AHR 2018 blog series, you can find it here.

The Lion Pneuma Wrap Brake is Mestek Machinery’s ideal solution for forming L, Flat, Wrap, TDC and TDF Duct, as well as skip and drive duct. It features redesigned tooling to accept any duct length from 7″ up to standard 5′ section, and a redesigned beam to clear pins on lined duct. The compact machine fits in small shops for HVAC fabricators that are expanding to make their own duct sections. In larger shops, the Lion Pneuma Wrap Brake is a complementary tool to make short runs of odd length duct sections instead of changing over a coil line.

The machine also features:

  • Rugged Welded Steel Construction
  • Maintenance-Free Bearing & Guides
  • Pneumatic Drive For Clamping Beam with Automatic Return
  • Pneumatic Drive For Folding Beam with Automatic Return
  • Pneumatic Operated
  • Pedal Control  Dial-Adjustable Bend Angle 0 to 90°
  • Automatic TDC/F Notch Locator Safety Interlock Controls


The next post in our AHR 2018 blog series is here.

You can find our booth at AHR 2018 here:

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