Mestek Machinery at AHR 2018 – Hot Melt Glue System

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Mestek Machinery’s Hot Melt Sealant System is a sealing system for transverse duct seam by works by heating a temperature activated sealant and inserting to the Pittsburgh lock roll former so that it produces a Pittsburgh seam that is airtight. It can be used on a standalone machine or on a coil line to meet SMACNA duct construction standards.

Hot Melt System Machine

The Hot Melt Sealant System is a perfect accessory for our Engel 800P. While the Pittsburgh lock is being roll formed, the sealant is injected the formed material to make the seam airtight.

Unlike a cold sealant system, the Hot Melt Sealant System has less loss of sealant due to overfilling the seam and the sealant is stored in a solid state, whereas cold sealant is scrapped when it hardens.

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