Mestek Machinery at AHR 2018 – Engel 800P Rollformer

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Since it revolutionized the HVAC Industry in the 1930’s, the Pittsburgh lock has been used to increase strength and ease in assembling ductwork.

Mestek Machinery has incorporated this classic technique in their Engel 800P Rollformer.  This machine has 5 forming stations with 2 forming positions.  One inboard forming position forms the Pittsburgh lock and one auxiliary or outboard forming position has the capability of forming 1 of 3 different profiles.

Engel rollformer

800 Series Engel Rollformer

The Pittsburgh lock creates the seam that runs the length of rectangular duct sections, for both commercial and residential HVAC applications.

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Diagram of a Pittsburgh Lock

Create strong, reliable ductwork in less time with Mestek Machinery’s Engel 800P.


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