Mestek Machinery at AHR 2018 – Cornermatic Plus Versa


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The Cornermatic Plus Versa the most flexible and dynamic unit for corner production on the market. This machine is revolutionary for duct shops that struggle to produce large and small commercial rectangular fittings with TDC or TDF flange.


The Versa is installed with the capability of sitting on your workshop floor or in-ground, allowing for greater flexibility during production. Raising and lowering requires a simple button press that triggers the extension or retraction of a heavy-duty hydraulic scissor lift. Using the Versa in-ground is beneficial for projects involving large duct and heavier gauge fittings, while the above-ground position is ideal for fitting production.  This flexible, unique design separates the Cornermatic Plus Versa from any others like it.

Set up: A best practice would be to setup the Versa in a large open area, roughly 20′ x 25′, with 2 workbenches.The workbenches accommodate the fabrication of small fittings.  With the Cornermatic Plus Versa set at table height, it is easy to automatically insert the TDC or TDF corners.

Providing a large front area- roughly 8′ to 10′ diameter- makes the setup practical for large fittings.  With the Cornermatic Plus Versa set in the down position, flush to the floor level, large fittings can be slid over to the machine, and corners inserted.


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