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Mestek Machinery has years of experience and proven results in the design and manufacture of roll form tooling, fabrication tools and accessory products for the HVAC industry.

Superior Roll Form Tooling:

Since we’ve been supplying free-standing, duplex, triplex and custom rollformers and rollforming systems to the HVAC trade for over 75 years, we inventory more new individual replacement rolls, complete rollsets and roll tooling parts than any other rollforming company.

Each of our individual rolls, and complete rollsets, are highly accurate and more technically advanced for precision forming of any of your HVAC seam or joint fabrication needs. We utilize the latest CAD/CAM software to insure that every forming roll we produce meets our highly engineered tooling design.


There is simply no better product to soften and dissolve galvanize build-up on forming rolls and press dies. Galv-Off has been used by metal fabricators around the world to keep precision rollformers from advanced roll wear and tooling damage.

Do not used common off-the-shelf lubricants on your machines. These paraffin based products actually attract dirt, grime and galvanized particles! Galv-Off is specially formulated to lubricate as it cleans. The spray nozzle has been developed to deliver an accurate and precise coating so you don’t waste any. Handy 12 oz. aerosol size.

Galv Off

TDC/TDF Clip Tool

This specially designed and engineered Clip Tool makes effortless work out of the installation of 6” TDC or TDF SMACNA specified clips. Snapping the clips into place with pliers or channel locks can damage the clip and compromise the rigid binding integrity of the TDC/TDF joint.

Clip Tool

TDC/TDC Corner Cleat Wrench

When manually inserting corners with a hammer, take the necessary next step to insure that the corners are securely held in place with the TDC/TDF Corner Tool. The process is effortless and uniformly bends the TDC/TDF flange over the inserted corner so that no corners are lost in shipment and/or during field installation.

cleat Bender

Cheek Bender

A two-way trunnion keeps the bending bar in position at the starting point to assure perfect bends throughout the entire length. Mounting bolts are included. 20 gauge maximum.

cheek bender
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