5 Reasons the Cornermatic Plus is the Best Option For Your Shop

Cornermatic Plus

When it comes to automatically inserting corners into ductwork and fittings with TDC/TDF flanges, there are a few single-head corner machines on the market to choose from.The problem with this is knowing which option your shop should go with. While they all seem to be rather similar to each other, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is only one option out there that is head and shoulders above the rest- Mestek Machinery’s Cornermatic Plus!

What makes the Cornermatic Plus the best option for your shop? Here is a list of unique features and qualities that sets it apart from the competition:

  1. The ability to quickly, quietly, and easily insert corners into any fitting, regardless of the throat acuity.
  2. Corners are stored below the work surface, so there is no obstruction while walking around or moving duct/fittings around the machine.
  3. The option of in-ground or adjustable version (raises and lowers via hydraulic scissor lift) to accommodate corner insertion of large duct sections too large to pick up.
  4. Ability to insert corners into off-set fittings without requiring a ‘secondary straight.’
  5. Once ductwork/fitting is slid into place, automated clamps grab flanges and pull piece into perfect position prior to insertion. These clamps also pull flanges open slightly to help corners fit into imperfect flanges.

Other corner insertion machines out there can’t say the same things. Simply put, if you’re looking for a machine to automate the corner insertion process for your ductwork and fittings, you should look no further than the Cornermatic Plus.

Still not convinced? Let us show you! Mestek Machinery is currently going on tour with our Cornermatic Plus demo van! We are currently planning for visits in the Midwestern states, with other areas coming soon. So far, we’ve received great feedback and results from shops that have partaken in this demo! The old saying “you’ve got to see it to believe it” holds true, as employees in these shops have been blown away by seeing what the Cornermatic Plus can do first-hand. We also encourage shop employees to step up and try it for themselves to see how easy it is to work! We will supply the corner keys for the demo, so the interested shops just need to provide the fittings and duct sections, as well as a forklift and a compressed air line (machine just needs 110 volts/100 psi). The demonstrations only take about 30 minutes.

Please contact us if you are interested in a Cornermatic Plus demonstration, or would like additional information.  In the meantime, you can you take a look at the Cornermatic Selection Guide to decide which corner insertion solution may be the best for your shop.


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